Laurence Fishburne’s In Depth | Public Television | Automation

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Laurence Fishburne’s In Depth | Public Television | Automation

In Depth with Host Laurence Fishburne | Public Television | Automation

In the age of automation, skills such as communication, creativity, and collaboration are in high demand as these traits are impossible to automate. In a time when automation has become so commonplace it’s increasingly difficult to find employees that possess these qualities. This latest segment, debuting this fall, from “In Depth” will be providing viewers with insight into the shifting trends in marketing tactics for small businesses. “In Depth”, with host Laurence Fishburne, is available to millions of viewers via educational television networks.

In Depth with Laurence Fishburne is developed for Public Television that has earned critical acclaim from viewers and critics all around the world. The series provides viewers with quality, informative content.


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